Getting started here at Mystic Island is quick and easy! Fill out just a few quick items and you'll be on your way. You will have to be sure to supply a valid email address. The Mystic Island Nickname Server will send you an email with simple instructions on how to validate your account. Failure to validate within 72 hours will result in your account being locked.

Privacy Policy

We take player privacy seriously, and are fully GDPR compliant. None of the information collected at Mystic Island is sold or shared with any third party, and is available only to specific personnel at Mystic Island. Mystic Island does not participate in any format of SPAM and will not send you unsolicited emails. Should you ever receive an unsolicited message from a party claiming to be from Mystic Island, please forward it to

Notice to Parents and Children

This registration process must be completed by a parent or guardian for members under thirteen years old. Any account that is suspected to have been created without parental approval will be immediately suspended.

We ask that children under the age of thirteen gain their parents permission each time they access Mystic Island, and closely monitor the active session while logged in. We strongly urge parents to monitor all children's usage of the Internet, including Mystic Island. While we consider this service to be a gaming site geared toward families, we must remind both parents and children to never give out any information you may consider personal - and be aware at all times that predators can be anywhere on the Internet.

Please help us maintain our "family friendly" environment

Please use good judgment when creating your Island Nickname. This is a family-oriented game site and anything that is considered inappropriate will result in immediate suspension. This includes the use of profanities, abbreviated profanities, racial slurs, insults and sexually explicit nicknames. Nicknames may contain letters only. Numbers, underscores and other special characters are not allowed. The nickname that you enter here will appear to others eXaCtLy as you are about to enter it. Whatever uppercase/lowercase combination you select will become permanent.

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