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Toon Submission

Toons provide Community Supporters at Mystic Island a way to represent themselves with an image that displays at the playing tables during games. Some players use their real pictures, others use pictures of scenery, famous people, cartoon characters or even logos.

Rules for Toons:

You must enter your Mystic Island name and password, then browse for the image on your computer. Once you have done this, click the 'Submit Toon' button which will send your toon to Mystic Island for review. If your toon is accepted, it will begin showing up at tables. Make sure that in your options section of the game that these two boxes are checked: Use custom toon that I have submitted and Always download custom player toons.

Due to a growing number of users that use toons, we have been forced to place restrictions on the types of toons that are allowed. Please do not submit anything that you wouldn't want a 4 year old child to see. This includes (but is not limited to):

Sexually suggestive/explicit toons, offensive toons, toons with offensive language, toons containing violence, toons containing partial/total/suggestive nudity, toons that contain images that could disturb some (i.e. pictures of serial killers, corpses, etc)

All we really want here is to make sure you consider our goal of creating a family atmosphere. Please use good taste when selecting a toon.


Add your file here. Remember the extension must be .JPG.